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Wanderer, your footprints are the road, and nothing more. Wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking...

Antonio Machado
¨Proverbs and Songs¨

Talented, enterprising and visionary businessman Milo Naum created McShoes shoeshop en 1970.He opened his first store in 718 Florida Street, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He always boasted a great sense humor, and to prove this Milo sank a brush in a red paint can and wrote the word ¨Faith¨ on the sidewalk.

Alicia Betti de Naum, also a businesswoman and successor of McShoes, continued to run her husband’s business and emphasized the organization personality. It is her who created McShoes’ women leatherwear. McShoes, an elegant sport styke that will also attire a man in a tuxedo. McShoes shoes worn by president, bought by ambassador, walked by tourists, businessmen and, especially, Argentinean men. McShoes has established one basic requirement: comfort. Not only salesmen take customer’ s personal taste into account, but also their professional and habits.

McShoes is a family: the grandfather walks along with his son and his grandchild. By looking at one man’s shoes you can tell what he is like, how he lives and what he likes. In our plant we design, we adapt, we produced... ¨We love what we do hand how we do it¨. McShoes’ good steps grow. The company opens new stores in many shopping centers: Patio Bullrich and Alto Palermo. These days McShoes is moving forward at a steady pace with new project that are in good shape. This expansion reasserts the company’s philosophy and it’s sales policy, always with an absolutely personal character for Argentineans.